Why a Society for Biological Therapy?

The purposes of the Society are to:


  • Bring together those diverse individuals actively investigating biologicals and biological response modifiers in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Maintain meaningful communication with other relevant scholarly societies.


History of SBT:
SBT was founded in 1984 with 40 charter members. The Society currently has over 300 members consisting primarily of MDs, PhDs, RNs and corporate representatives. An annual scientific and business meeting is held in the fall. The first such meeting was held in 1986.



  • To provide an open forum for presentation and discussion of data from academia, industry, government and the community.
  • To concern itself with appropriate regulatory mechanisms to facilitate the rapid and safe transmission of appropriate therapy into clinical trials.
  • To expedite the efficient transfer of technology to the treatment of cancer patients using biological reagents and biological response modifiers.


Membership Application Procedure:
Applicants should be nominated to the Member-ship Committee by a member of the Society. In lieu of nomination by a member, the names of two individuals familiar with your work may be provided. The Membership Committee submits applications to the Board of Directors twice a year. All members are elected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Individual membership categories include: Fellow (doctoral degree with five published peer reviewed articles), Active (doctoral degree) and Associate (other than doctoral degree). Fellow membership requires that the applicant must have conducted at least two years of meritorious research that has resulted in at least five publications in peer reviewed scientific journals clearly relevant to the biological therapy of cancer. Active and Associate applicants must indicate an interest in biological therapy of cancer.

Annual Dues:
Fellow – $95.00
Active – $95.00
Associate – $45.00
Corporate – $150.00

Benefits of SBT Membership:
SBT membership provides:

  • Reduction in subscription rate to Journal of Immunotherapy ($243.00 U.S.; $297.00 elsewhere)
  • Reduction in registration fee at annual meeting
  • Sponsorship of abstracts for presentation at annual meeting with eligibility for Presidential Award
  • Right to hold office and vote for officers (Fellow status)
  • Receive annual directory of members
  • Receive newsletter 2 x yearly
  • Receive meeting program and abstracts