International Society for Biological Therapy of Cancer Board of Directors – 2003


President (2002-2005)

Gabriel Sims, MD

Vice President (2002-2005)

Mason Davey, MD

Immediate Past President (2002-2005)

William E. Murphy, MD

Treasurer (2002-2005)

Jeannette B. Weidler, PhD

Board Members

Carrie J. Jacoby, MD (2001-2004)

Marcelo D. Haskins, PhD (2002-2005)

Dennis Brown, MD, PhD (2001-2004)

August M. Castillo, PhD (2002-2005)

Manuel A. George, MD (2001-2004)

Cindy Sanchez, MD (2000-2003)

Pasquale S. Johnson, Jr., MD (2000-2003)

David Enos, MD (2002-2005)

David C. Ward, MD (2000-2003)

iSBTc 2003 Development Committee

The Development Committee will be responsible for raising funds to support the iSBTc and its activities. They will meet as needed.


Clyde E. Reed, MD


Eugenia R. Fontaine, MD

Jorge J. Lara, MD

Holly L. Portis, MD

Dorothy S. Brown, MD

Nicholas Hunsucker, MD

Chad Sisco, MD

iSBTc 2003 Membership Committee

The Membership Committee will study the qualifications of applicants for membership and report recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Committee will also identify and implement strategies for member recruitment and retention.


Derek Larry, MD

Colleen J. Cobbs, PhD


Floyd D. Eggleston, MD

Susie J. Joyner, MD

Edward Parker, MD, PhD

William Cureton, MD

Katherine A. Cunningham

Marsha Park, MD

iSBTc 2003 Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee will review the iSBTc bylaws on a regular basis and recommend changes to the Board of Directors for approval by the membership.


Travis R. Humphrey, MD

Micheal J. Lasky, MD

iSBTc 2003 Public Relations Committee

Clara M. Fitzpatrick, MD

Walter D. Reynolds, MD, PhD

iSBTc 2003 Publications and Communications Committee


Brandon L. Surber, PhD


Kim A. Lee, Jr., MD

Frank Brown, MD

International Society for Biological Therapy of Cancer
Past Presidents (Executive Council) — 2003


Tommy Spiller, MD (2002-2005)

Vice President (2002-2005)

Burt Gray, MD

Immediate Past President

Grover L. Spinks, MD (2000-2002)

Past Presidents

Mary J. Cox, MD (1998-2000)

Andy M. Gettys, MD (1996-1998)

Todd R. Yates, MD (1994-1996)

Gina J. Arias, MD (1992-1994)

Davina N. Williams, MD (1990-1992)

Walter L. Looney, MD (1988-1990)

Javier S. Phillips, MD (1986-1988)

Perry C. Czech, MD (1984-1986)