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Workshop on Cancer Biometrics:
Identifying Biomarkers and Surrogates of Tumors in Patients
Masur Auditorium, National Institutes of Health
October 30, 2003

Organizing Committee

Michael T. Lotze, MD
University of Pittsburgh Molecular Medicine Institute
Ena Wang, MD
Dept. of Transfusion Medicine, National Institutes of Health
Nabil Hanna, PhD
IDEC Pharmaceuticals

The iSBTc has held two seminal workshops in the last two years, the first on the NIH campus in 2001 on Immunologic Monitoring and the second in La Jolla, CA, in 2002 on Angiogenesis. We will launch the third workshop in this series with a limited registration on the NIH campus.

This workshop would review these six different areas central to modern cancer research through group discussions and a poster session and, within which, focused activities will likely lead to enhanced drug discovery success. These would include: 1] proteomics, 2] high content screening, 3] Taqman/transcriptome analysis of the peripheral blood, 4] genomic/transcriptome analysis of tumors, 5] immunohistochemistry of immune cells within the tumor and 6] immune polymorphisms [KIR, LIR, cytokines, etc]. We would bring individuals together from the NIH and FDA, extramural academia, and the pharmaceutical industry/biotechnology sector to consider the current state of the art and strategies to more rapidly advance this area of research and development. To distinguish it from the first workshop which focused on readouts of direct immunologic effects of treatment, this workshop would focus on factors which were direct reflections of tumor volume or prognosis. We plan to publish the output from this workshop in Proceedings in the Journal of Immunotherapy, the official journal of iSBTc, in mid 2004.